The CAREER-FIT Solution

We understand that getting the right people into the right roles
with the right skills at the right time is a common goal for all of
the stakeholders in the process.

To achieve this we have developed a skills supply chain solution
that aligns the goals and objectives so that all of the stakeholders gain.

Our 5-step methodology delivers these goals.
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Threats Opportunities and Solutions

Scale of change

We know that in this networked world this revolution will impact virtually everybody on the planet across all of societies activities and policies including education, commercial, public and even defence.

The global nature of the revolution and the advances in technology that have networked the world, means that no single society can totally control their employment market in isolation so they need to be able to react to external as well as internal influences.

The impact of automation and technological advances will fundamentally change not only the skills required in the World of Work but also the role that work plays in an individual’s and societies life. The good news is that this same technology that has created this revolution can also provide Society with the solution that allows it to benefit from the changes available.

Speed of change

While there are some differences in what individual researchers are predicting regarding exactly how quickly the changes will take place what they all agree on is that the revolution has already started and is gaining pace.

Unfortunately, it looks as though it is already too late to control the speed or direction of these chaotic changes. As such, it is misguided to concentrating on developing well researched, strategic approaches as by the time they are developed the requirement will have mutated leaving this approach impotent and irrelevant.

What we can do is to build up societies ability to respond dynamically, but not chaotically or in panic, to the opportunities and threats that will certainly happen.

Data, data, data...

By provide the right data quick enough to inform the dynamic tactical policy decisions then the chances of individuals and society benefiting from this revolution improve significantly.

Our solution makes this possible as a result of our policy where we capture the data once and then use the same data to inform a variety of decisions that the individual’s, educators and employers need to take. This system facilitates the pooling, aggregating and anonymising of the data to provide high quality macro data to inform social policy in real time.

We will also “future-proof” the solution data by tracking individual’s career and skills development journey to validate and update our predictive algorithms to ensure that we keep up to date and improving.

Attributes & transferable skills

While nobody knows exactly what knowledge and skills people are going to need in the future world of work, we do know some attributes and skills that will definitely be needed in virtually all roles.

We can identify these and provide advice and guidance on how to develop them further.

We also know that in this age of automation, technological tools will enhance, and in some cases replace, roles that humans play in the workplace and society as a whole. To benefit from the opportunities this presents will require individuals to be skilled in using life-long learning aids and be flexible, adaptable and resilient.

Individual and Societies productivity and wellbeing

The CAREER-FIT 5 step process aligns the objectives of the individuals, educators and employers. By providing a data driven career choice and skills development process we can improve the matching of people to opportunities based on their motivation and potential.

This alignment of goals and getting the right people in the right opportunity at the right time enables individuals, employers and society at large to revolutionise productivity and wellbeing.

Our Products and Solutions

Our products and solutions will help you prepare for the future. For more information please call us on 0345 345 930 or fill in our contact form.

1 - Career-Fit profiler

  • This is our default profiling tool that provides the standard profile for the individual and employer reports.
  • Identifies standard career themes, with personality characteristics, motivators, and reasoning abilities.
  • Identifies attributes and skills that are transferable across roles now and in the future.
  • Provides self-coach, Parent/Guardian and professional advisor reports.
  • Links with various databases O*NET, SOC & Published Apprenticeships, to provide feedback on the best fit.
  • Identifies training and development requirements to achieve career goals.
  • Provides employers with a selection report matching applicants to specific job profiles.

2 - Additional Psychometric Products

  • As Chartered Occupational Psychologists we can use virtually any of the professional level products and link them to our solution.
  • We partner with Psytech International ( and can supply any of their products to inform our solution.
    • OIP+
    • 15FQ+
    • Jung Type Indicator
    • Learning Styles Inventory
    • Values and motivations Inventory
    • Work Attitude Inventory
    • Various reasoning tests including Critical, Technical, verbal, numeric and abstract
  • While strictly not a psychometric test we partner with The British Council ( to provide tests on English (and American English) competence.
  • We are supporting a range of wellbeing research projects with a number of commercial and academic research groups. This work provides us access to some innovative products that are in test and pre-launch status.

3 - Job Search

  • A key element of our solution is an integrated job search capability.
    • This starts with an automated CV authoring assistant that can also be used to develop personal statements
    • We use the profile coming from the profiling tool to identify potential areas of interest and then we aggregate the job boards to identify suitable opportunities.
    • We can continue to do this on an ongoing basis informing you of opportunities as they are posted.
    • We are currently trailing and will launch soon a service to employers that will allow them to directly contact people with particular type of profile even if they have not expressed an interest.

4 – Training

  • We believe that most employability skills can be developed and we partner with ( to provide a range of personalised skills development course. These can either be blended learning or on-line.
  • CAREER-FIT solution does not require training to use., although advanced user training is available. For our other professional products these can only be used by Chartered Psychologists and qualified test users. We provide this training which is approved by the BPS (British Psychological Society) and EFPA (European Federation of Psychological Associations.
  • We provide training in career coaching and the use of psychometric products in coaching.
  • We are producing on-line short training course
    • for individuals on how to interpret and act on the information in the profile.
    • for Parents and Guardians on how to support the career choice.
    • for Teachers, Lecturers and Tutors on assessing career options.
  • Through our partner The British Council who provides English Language training for those wishing to apply to British, EU and North American Universities.
  • We can organise Transferable skills training through a variety of on-line and classroom training courses.

5 - Consultancy and outsourced services

  • We have a team of Psychologists, HR Consultants and IT professionals and together with our partners we develop bespoke solutions for a range of Commercial, Educational and Government clients globally.
  • By definition each project is different but as we are not tied to any particular supplier, we provide objective advice and make use of best in class products in developing the highly personalised solution.
  • We also provide an end to end management solution for those organisations who wish to outsource their assessment services.

There has never been a time of greater promise, or greater peril.

Prof Klaus Schwartz
Founder of the World Economic Forum

Goals are only wishes unless you have a plan.

Melinda Gates
Co founder of the Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation

National boundaries these days are not that important because of transformative technological development. Now we are talking about the fourth industrial revolution.

Ban Ki Moon
Secretary General of United Nations 2007 – 2016

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