The CAREER-FIT Solution

We understand that getting the right people into the right roles
with the right skills at the right time is a common goal for all of
the stakeholders in the process.

To achieve this we have developed a skills supply chain solution
that aligns the goals and objectives so that all of the stakeholders gain.

Our 5-step methodology delivers these goals.
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How does Career-Fit drive the skills revolution

Bringing structure to chaos

One thing everybody agrees with is that the future job requirements are going to be very different from those of the past and present. There are however countless ideas and initiatives being advanced on how to achieve this skills transformation with the result that the recruitment and skills development market are in total chaos.

Without accurate information and data to inform the important recruitment and career choices they are actually only guesses based on incomplete information and hunches.

Career-Fit provides a structure to build the information which can be used to link the right people to the right opportunity which allows individuals to realise their potential and employers achieve maximum productivity gains.

Everybody wins

By getting the right people into the right roles the individual achieves their potential and life goals while employers achieve productivity gains.

By identifying and developing transferable attributes and skills the individual will be able to succeed in the career opportunities of the future. The employer will also benefit from having a far more flexible, adaptable and productive workforce.

Focused on the future

Given the rapid rate of change in the employability skills required for the jobs of the future then it is essential that we build the skills that will be needed and select people on their potential.

The individual’s employability skills that are being developed now will be employed in roles in the future so it is in everybody’s interests to be forward looking.

What Career-Fit provides is to identify individual’s potential and link them with relevant opportunities to maximise their career potential.

Immediate impact

Although focused on the future implementing the Career-Fit solution has an immediate effect on all of the stakeholders.

The individual increases well-being by having a clear career plan while the employer has a method to communicate directly with relevant candidates and select them based on their potential and an object assessment of their overall fit.

Automated, Scalable & Sustainable

The Career-Fit solution has been designed to be highly automated, scalable and sustainable.

The solution uses the latest IT/AI and big data techniques to produce a highly scalable solution that can operate virtually immediately, globally and 24/7 yet is capable of being further developed while in service.

This is a highly sustainable solution as the ongoing operational cost is low and the unit cost decreases rapidly with scale

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