The career choice revolution

We don’t have time to simply continue to evolve our processes to meet the skills challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

What is needed is a revolutionary approach so we have applied the latest advances in behavioural science enabled by advances in IT/AI to provide a 5-step solution that benefits the individuals, employers and government.

Step 1 - Now

Increasing self-awareness is key to gaining a career that fits the individual and allows them to achieve their potential. We use a variety of psychometric techniques to bring together an individual’s work interests, personal needs, abilities and skills to establish what will motivate them and create an individual profile.

Step 2 - Future

Careers are life-long journeys during which people and opportunities change. So the challenge is to recognise this dynamic and build it into the choice process for both the employees and employers.

We have done this by concentrating on identifying those attributes and skills, known as Transferable skills, that will be required in the future.

Step 3 - Goal

Having a dream or goal is important if the person is to be motivated to keep putting in the effort and development necessary to realising their career potential.

Our profiling and matching helps people to clearly identify their goals and specific objectives.

Step 4 - How

Having the goal defined we look at providing the individual with the connections to career opportunities and the development/education options that will be required.

This allows them to develop a structured plan how to reach their goal.

Step 5 - Next

As Careers are journeys and people and opportunities change over time, it is important to be able to review their goals and options on a regular basis.

So wherever you are on your career journey it's worth going back to step 1 and go through the 5 step process again.

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